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  • Dr. Hammel recognizes that these are uncertain, anxiety-producing times we live in, and that self-care and self-improvement in these difficult times can be especially challenging, but is always possible. 
  • Dr. Hammel believes that the specialized, individual psychiatric care of the patient should be guided and structured, first and foremost, by the client and physician.
  • Dr. Hammel does not contract with any insurance companies and is an "out-of-network" provider; clients may submit invoices to their insurance providers for reimbursement for his services.
  • Dr. Hammel believes that the therapeutic alliance he develops with each of his clients is based on trust, open communication, compassion, and respect.
  • Dr. Hammel considers the goals of treatment to be the optimization of each of his clients' health and making sure their lives are as complete and full as possible.

Seattle Psych Practice Philosophy

  Doctor Hammel's Psychiatric Practice Philosophy:

  • Although what occurs in treatment obviously is a "patient"-"doctor" relationship, it is essentially a collaborative relationship in which our goal is improved psychiatric health, progressive improvement, positive change, and increased understanding and insight.
  • Each of my clients is the "captain" of their ship; I am merely a co-captain (or perhaps highly qualified "navigator" or "guide".)
  • Medications are not always "the only answer" and Dr. Hammel encourages his clients to be open-minded in seeking improvement and change which is multifaceted and multifactorial.
  • Psychiatric healing, at its best, includes attention to all aspects of a client's personhood.
  • Psychiatric healing includes respect for a client's spiritual, cultural, and social background--and all points of pain and pride along that path. 
  • Although biochemical imbalances can certainly be a driving force for why psychiatric treatment is sought, healing requires a thorough, comprehensive medical assessment of all factors relevant to each individual and highly unique patient--from birth to the present.